The original god: the player is cheated by the net friend, half a year brushed the heart of 2000 clean water?Is it really that simple?

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As we all know, there are no pets or mounts in the original god, piper can’t ride but follow, if possible, let the warrior dog into the big world to follow and participate in the battle, most players would be very willing to pay money for it.At present, there are only substitutes for Paramount, such as Yandora and The little general. They are cute, but they lack the interaction like pets if they can’t participate in combat, so they don’t have the necessity of obtaining money. At present, they are also free of charge for limited time activities.However, since it is a limited time to get, miss it is difficult to have the opportunity to have, so really want to do what?Recently, Brother Dog heard an interesting story. A friend wanted to have Yandula so much that he asked the old player how to get it. Unexpectedly, the old player fooled him, saying that there was a certain probability of getting it if he kept brushing pure water.Did not expect this small partner really has been brush pure water, brush 2000+ pure water heart, calculate every day resin brush pure water at least half a year, but still did not brush out, this just remembered to ask a net friend, he is not brush wrong.When he finally learned the truth, he was devastated. Netizens did not expect that there really was such a simple person?Can brush for half a year for a follow pet?This is a little bit unreliable, after all, even if brush holy relics, half a year also how much can be a decent goods, stockpile of raw stone is also enough to several big guarantee out of gold ah, what pet brush not out?You can’t really be brainless for half a year unless you have a heart.Later, some netizens said that we were cheated, B station on an original test, this prop 2000 reached the upper limit, 1999 water purification heart brush a maximum of 2002, so this picture must be P.In addition, only 2 of the four numbers of 2137 are not in the center, which should be an extra 2. In fact, only more than 100 clean hearts have been brushed. Although it is not a lot, it is almost time to wake up to this number.However, with the backpack in this material know that this is not cute new, maybe this is cross-string black, deliberately deceiving everyone, you think I was deceiving, in fact, deceiving is you.