My date with Winter: Snow Dance 2022 shines at the Winter Olympics

2022-04-27 0 By

Meet the Winter Olympics, together to the future!The art work snow Dance 2022 is located in the Square of The National Speed Skating Hall, the main venue of the Winter Olympic Games.Tianjin academy of fine arts professor is 2022 “, “snow dance creators to the Olympics and winter paralympic global solicitation to the 1611 pieces of public art eventually choose seven floor 2022”, “snow dance is one of the work process must also speak of the tianjin academy of fine arts from 2018 creative team gain inspiration from the construction of ecological barrier in china-singapore tianjin ecologyCheng created the work “Tree Shadow”, introduced by Jing Yumin. The team conceived the idea of using snowflakes to replace the bowl-shaped semicircle on “Tree Shadow” to show the dynamic beauty of snowflakes. The idea was romantic, but it was difficult for snowflakes to rotate without the shape of snowflakes.In does not affect the snowflake shape on the basis of the Mosaic structure of small bowl with the breeze snow can fly up source: TJTV news channel, the original link: