King Mountain, it’s going to be hot

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It is often said that even The King mountain has been sold to 16,000.Although this sentence is a bit exaggerated, but king mountain’s current price has really risen.Let’s take a look at several projects of King Mountain.The first is Jiangshanyue Of CDB. The blank price of the project is limited to 11500, and the average price of hardcover is 13500+. At present, this project is in the liquidation stage, and some first-floor apartments are left.Then there is Longhu River and City. The blank price of the project is limited to 12200, and the average price of hardcover is 12800-16000. The project is being pushed horizontally.Xuhui Guochen Mansion, project price limit 11800, hardcover average price 13800.The last is Yintongxi, the dream of pure improvement project in the area. The average price of the blank is 10000, which are all large houses with a total price starting from 300W.It can be seen that the average price of the area has reached 13500. If you buy a house of more than 120 square meters, the down payment should be more than 50W.In the future, there will be more real estate here. First of all, go to the unlimited land parcel acquired by Dream and China Railway Construction Last year. Since the plot ratio of this project is only 1.3, the price will not be low in the future.This year, a large number of plots will be launched near Shantang Station, and the price limit may be higher than the previous highest 12200.The first batch of land parcels recommended by Dawangshan was the Evergrande project, which used to be in the north, because the perennial price was within 10,000 yuan and it dominated Dawangshan for many years, which made many people think that Dawangshan was a plate with relatively low price.However, with the end of Evergrande, the new plates of King Mountain in the future will be located near Shantang Station, which is close to Yanghu Lake. The area is characterized by low density and the price has room to continue to rise. In a short time, the inherent impression of the area will be changed.Many people struggle with King Mountain, Ocean Lake, in fact, this is just a name, Yang Lake and King Mountain are both concentrated development plate, xiangjiang New Area is two of the four key plate, both have a good future.But Yanghu is developed by Chengfa Group, while Dawang Mountain is developed by Xiangjiang Group. We all know that Xiangjiang Group also developed Meixi Lake.Now the developer maturity of King Mountain is lower than Yanghu, so the heat is not as high as Yanghu, but King Mountain also has a better future.Let’s take a look at the future development of Dawang: Dawang Mountain Area is one of the ten major urban areas of Changsha in the future, and cultural tourism is the feature of Dawang Mountain area. From Xiangjiang Happy City, Huayi Brothers Film Town, To Rongcheng Science and Technology City, Zhihang New Town, Dawang Mountain area is building cultural tourism industry agglomeration area.This year, King Mountain area will continue to expand the scale of culture and tourism industry, realize the overall operation of Xiangjiang Happy City, build Ocean Park, open for business step by step in batches.Start the second phase of Huayi Brothers Film Town construction, which completed the land transfer last year.In addition to cultural tourism, Dawangshan will also strengthen the construction of Rongcheng, starting the construction of Rongcheng Science and Technology City, Zhihang New City and other projects;The annual plan is to complete investment of 4 billion yuan, lay out 21 projects, achieve industrial output value of 1.113 billion yuan, the permanent population of 50,000 people, the annual reception of tourists up to 3 million, and strive to total tourism revenue of 210 million yuan.Recently, King Mountain transportation, education, medical care and other supporting aspects of good, let’s take a look: first of all, transportation: This year, King Mountain will realize the King mountain tourist distribution center and parking lot, BYD Yunba completed and put into operation, the area of changzhutan West ring line will be open to traffic next year.Then there are schools: The Yangshuitang Middle School in the district will introduce the brand of the middle school affiliated to Hunan Normal University.Medical support: According to the news of Xiangjiang Group, Hunan Children’s Hospital (West Hospital) may be settled in the area.As a key development area in Changsha, King Mountain is also located at the bridgehead of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan City. The area is well planned and the continuous investment is strong. With the continuous implementation of supporting facilities and the arrival of more developers in the future, the heat of the area will certainly continue.So in the future to buy a house, here is a lot of people have to face a plate.