Fuzhou: “move” home nursing beds

2022-04-27 0 By

Recently, Zhang Yibo, who lives in Gulou District of Fuzhou city, welcomed a great event — he signed a contract with Jinniushan Community home in Gulou District Hongshan Town, landing the first family pension bed in Gulou District.”Thanks to the pilot work, it solved my father’s big problem!”Zhang yibo is nearly 80 years old and has been in and out of hospital for nearly 10 years due to various diseases of the elderly, his son said.After surgery for brain disease, he left sequelae and could not take care of himself. Daily medication, health care and other special needs of professional guidance, frequent visits to the hospital are much inconvenient.In order to take care of his father, Mr. Zhang quit his job and took care of him full-time.”But I’m getting older myself, and I often feel inadequate.”He said it would be great if the hospital bed could be moved into the home.In October last year, Fuzhou was included in the implementation of home and community basic old-age services to improve the action project of the first batch of pilot cities, for the province’s only, this for Mr. Zhang’s family to reduce the pressure of old-age care brought opportunities.Mr. Zhang learned through the community, gulou district as a pilot range, is building family beds for the elderly.He recently signed a contract with Jinniu Mountain Community Home, and since then, Zhang can enjoy professional nursing services at home, including remote consultation and 24-hour emergency call response.After signing the contract, Zhang Yibo has a special nurse, which in the agreed time to provide on-site nursing services.The reporter saw that in the old man’s home, the nurse holding Zhang Yibo’s leg, to check his physical condition, from time to time to ask “here will not be painful”, and assist to carry out functional exercise.There are also “digital attendants” next to the beds.Technical personnel access suitable for the aging of the old companion sound box, guide Mr. Zhang operation.”This digital nurse can measure blood pressure and blood sugar for Zhang Yibo, record data in real time and analyze it.When he is not well, the family can consult with the medical staff one-on-one through the speaker, “he said.Gulou District Civil Affairs Bureau related person introduced, it also has the emergency call function, touch the screen or call, will automatically contact emergency contacts, service agencies.Gulou District is expected to build 675 such beds by the end of February.With gulou District as the representative, Fuzhou is now promoting the construction of family beds for the elderly with the support of national policies and special public welfare funds, and has completed the overall construction of relevant work systems.From the 148 families who have signed up, the pilot has been widely welcomed by the public.”The construction of home nursing beds is supported by professional nursing care institutions, with 15-minute nursing service circle as the radius and family as the basis, which can effectively solve the problems of the shortage of space for the elderly in central urban areas and the lack of specialization in home nursing services.”Fuzhou related person in charge of the introduction, the pilot hardware for aging transformation, including the installation of remote video monitoring, emergency call, “soft services” include 16 life care services and 10 professional care services.Currently, the pilot “home care beds” do not charge for bed construction, and other professional services can be purchased on demand.If they are over 60 years old, with a monthly income of 3,266 yuan or less, and have been assessed as mildly disabled or above, they can also enjoy government subsidies.