Shen Congwen took nine sister 11 years, back home is already a madman, 82 years old to see nephew sad

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Note: If Zhang Zhaohe is the most beloved woman in Shen Congwen’s life, then yue Meng, the ninth sister, is the most distressed rose in his second brother’s heart.One afternoon in the summer of 1984, the Shen Congwen family in Beijing had just finished preparing to rest when they heard a intermittent knock at their door.When Zhang zhaohe opened the door, he saw a man about forty years old, with fair skin and thin figure. His eyes were deeper and even a little melancholy against the high and straight bridge of his nose.At the moment he saw Zhang, this expression seemed to be deliberately restrained and hidden. Before the host could speak to him, he seemed hurried and flustered and said with a slight stammer, “Are you my aunt?I came from nowhere.”In his native Xiangxi accent, Zhang looked at him with narrowed eyes and added, “I’m looking for Shen Congwen.”This time the tone of determination, like to find a solid sense of rely on.Hearing that he was looking for shen Gong, a native of western Hunan, Zhang Zhaohe hurriedly invited someone into the room and raised his voice as he called, “Shen Gong, look who’s here!”Sitting on the balcony cany chair shen old gentleman is taking a nap, heard 33 this one surprised one cry, habitually wear glasses, ready to see who is, as for so excited?He looked carefully at Mo zilai and muttered “Mo, mo zilai, mo zilai?”Blurt out: “Who made you famous?”82-year-old Mr. Shen, although the action is a little slow, but the thinking is still very agile, especially for words, he seems to have a passion for the fire will never be extinguished, this time also still try to figure out the name of the young man in front of him, what does it mean?He grasped Mr. Shen’s hand and said, “ME, my name is from my mother!My mother is jiu Mei!”The words just fell, a emphasis on the “nine younger sister” two words, so that Mr. Shen’s expression changed greatly.Mo zilai saw his expression, and a little uneasy, whispered a: “You are my uncle ah.”Shen’s sad face lit up with uncontrollable excitement. He said yes, yes, and pressed the young man’s hand in response. He leaned forward to take a closer look at his face.Rather than looking at his face, it is to find traces of nine sister on his face, but how to look, are not like his nine sister.He could not help feeling a little unknown sadness.In fact, he first contact Mo Zilai, a long letter has more than half of the page is asking the situation of nine younger sister, of course, also including the nephew’s current situation.Like check household registration general asked whether he settled down?What are the points?Where do you live and how many houses do you have?All his eagerness for his nephew sprang from his love for the beautiful rose that had bloomed and withered in a moment.Rose and nine sister they mouth nine sister is shenyang’s youngest child, as the youngest daughter, not only got the preference of parents, but also got the love of many brothers.Nine younger sister looks pretty and handsome, clever strange, eloquent, often play temper to her brother and sister, in the face of her spoiled capricious, everyone let her, it as baoyu carved huagu.The most pain nine sister than Shen mother, she also like a kitten all day stick to the mother, with a small face to stick to her mother’s hand, with a small hand holding her mother’s little finger do not let go, these are her tricks in pettish.With the support of the old mother, brother and sister are naturally in favor of her, every time home who did not bring her a gift, the first to get old mother’s training.Shen Cong-wen naturally loves his sister, and Rose and Nine Sisters is the best witness.In addition, he drew much literary inspiration from his younger sister. In some of his early works, he would invite her to write inscriptions.In the characterization of his female novels, we can always see the shadow of jiu Mei.Looking at his sister, Shen congwen wanted to give her enough nutrients so that she could blossom and become a talented girl like Lin Huiyin.But the family was backward, and only the elder brothers had the opportunity to continue their studies, so the younger sister was left behind in the mountains.It was a guilt he felt, especially as he became more successful.Every day he worked hard to earn money by writing articles, saving and saving wads of money, carefully wrapped in pieces of cloth.Finally, one day, he was able to send his sister to Peiping to study.The first class he enrolled for his sister was French. Maybe because he failed to realize his dream of studying abroad due to his poor foreign language, he placed his hope on her.The charming Paris and the romantic French literature make them live in their dreams.I don’t know how difficult it is to learn French in real life, with complicated grammar.The content is obscure, and my sister, who has never received a systematic education before, is powerless no matter how hard she works.At the age of 15, at the same age as a flower, she came to Peiping, where she had been dreaming for a long time, and met her dear brother.Peiping was so big that she wished she could walk around, see everything she had never seen and taste everything she had never eaten.However, unlike her fantasy, she was locked in a classroom all day long, listening to obscure French, writing untalented compositions, the thick dictionary and books weighed her down.No matter how hard she studied, she could not achieve the literary attainment of her second brother.At this time, she began to miss her hometown, miss the sound of cicadas in the yard of her hometown, the lively Shouting on the Tuojiang River and the patting sound of stepping on the quagmire path in torrential rain.Mr. Shen thought his sister was smarter than him and that she would write if she knew how to write.He forgot that she was still a delicate rose in the palm of everyone’s hand, and how could she write an in-depth article without social experience and understanding of the world?He worked as a professor and wrote articles, often with a bloody nose, all he did was for his sister to get out of Phoenix and out of China.And no talent sister, even if hard to run, but always unable to reach the other side of the dream.Nasty of she can only cry, hurriedly say oneself get in trouble two elder brother.From Shanghai to Qingdao to Beijing, she followed her brother around to study, and even after he married Zhang Zhaohe and settled in Kunming, she kept her nine sister by her side.The delicate rose had been doing well under their protection.The heart is higher than the sky, the life is thinner than the paper until the rose meets her master.Also from Phoenix, love writing, in the second brother’s help and support to become a local writer.For the same hometown, nine sister did not have the same feelings for this person for long.Encouraged by his brother and sister-in-law, they had their first date in the season when cloves were rotting.That day the sky is very quiet, the crescent moon early hung branches, flashing a pair of flickering eyes.They looked at each other shyly, but their eyes were full of passion.Unfortunately good times do not last long, after the man university graduates, rush off to the battlefield of overall resistance against Japan, he knows that under the shadow of sword and sword, do not allow the slightest affection, for not to trouble the woman like this rose, he chooses to throw himself into the revolution, terminate this love.Looking at the back of his departure, nine sister never so desperate.Since then, she quit her job, dedicated herself to eating fast and reciting Buddhism, actively doing good deeds and giving away a lot of valuable things at home.As the war intensified, Kunming became the hardest hit area.Every family for a living, a return home, nine sister found the thieves swept her all valuables.She was startled, then delirious, raving, and on the verge of collapse.Shen Congwen helpless rescue brother, soon, nine sister was received yuanling.Her mental state didn’t get better, it got worse.Until one day, she disappeared.The whole family frantically searched for her, but they couldn’t find her.A few months later, I met her at a bricklayer’s house, where she was pregnant.After their marriage, they settled down in a place called Wushu near yuanshui.Can’t work and nervous nine younger sister, all day in the beach around, in the land of the starved, she eventually withered.Conclusion This wild rose blooming in the countryside, after being transplanted to the big city, lost its own color and fragrance. Under the excessive spoilage, she flew to the clouds with a proud heart, without enough nutrients and independent roots, and then fell heavily in the wind and rain.But nine sister seems to have never left.In her brother’s many short stories, she is always smart, healthy and vibrant.