Perkins: Houston rockets supermarket opening, involving many players, stone reshuffle

2022-04-26 0 By

NBA commentator Kendrick Perkins recently revealed that the Houston Rockets are interested in pushing for a major trade before the trade deadline, and that there are a lot of players involved, and rafer is reshuffling his team to get ready for next season.According to Perkins, the Rockets could trade any player except Jaron Green, Shin Kyung and Matthews, preferably for a “cornerstone” star and valuable first-round pick.”Jaron Green has had some struggles lately, but that doesn’t stop the Rockets from trusting him and developing him.”‘said Parkins.”As far as I know, rafer doesn’t have Jaylen Green and Shin Kyung on his trade list.”, according to people familiar with the rockets want to send the player is Gordon, small wood, potter, tice, nuba, Brooks, and others, especially the attention, Gordon and wood has so far received from knight, wizards, the king, the blazers, the clippers, the timberwolves, jazz, the lakers team inquiry, stone is stepping up its assessment and discuss value and potential trade bait.There is every indication that a trade will happen for the Houston Rockets before the trade deadline, and how it will work, and who will stay, remains to be seen.