Canada wins podium, Korea gloats and applauds!The Olympic committee should impose severe penalties

2022-04-26 0 By

Canada may have its gold medal taken away from the Beijing Winter Olympics after a spoof on the podium.In the short track speed skating 5km relay final, The Chinese team only finished fifth and failed to win the podium.As you know, we got bronze in Sochi and silver in Pyeongchang.The Chinese short-track speed skating team failed to stand on the podium at the Beijing Winter Olympics, which was expected to win the gold medal at home.China was placed in the fifth circuit because of their poor performance in the semi-finals, so they didn’t have much of an advantage from the start.Fortunately, Wu Dajing experienced game, calm, continued to send force, catch up with two bodies, ranked third.Originally according to this development, The Chinese team won a bronze medal on the podium is certainly not run, and then play better, real money and silver is not impossible.Who would have thought that 11 laps into the race, the young sun Long unexpectedly staged a flat fall without external resistance, this sudden situation even if the team behind how to catch up is too late.Relay than the collective, a mistake, behind will be affected, The Chinese team was far behind, and finally only got the fifth place, Canada won the first place, South Korea second, Italy third, although very sorry, but the game is also a perfect ending.But later in the ceremony, Canada made a move that put their gold medal in jeopardy.Canada’s speed skating team won the podium again. Why does South Korea applaud?Two days earlier, Canada had won the five-kilometer relay, but the South Korean team was applauding happily as the Country repeated its trademark move of wiping the podium.Have to say, at this point in this movement, under the audience see more puzzling, watch the game fans are confused about, wipe the podium because this action is recognized sports all darkness exist in the game, there are not synonymous with clean hands, but read the game fans can see that the game was aboveboard, clean,Even fouls were rare, and Sun fell on his own.Canada can be said to have won the championship in its own right under the eyes of the public.The Korean skater, who finished second in the 500-meter speedskating competition, also wiped the podium while accepting the medal, which caused controversy. Many speculated that the Korean skater was reluctant to do so.But Canada this obviously got the gold medal, but still make wipe the podium action, let many people feel puzzling, is this in doubt Beijing Winter Olympics or nothing to find provocation?Four years ago, when Team Canada wiped the podium, it received numerous praise from the outside world. It was the blackest Winter Olympics in history.At the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea took advantage of its home court to get its hands dirty and the refereeing decisions left people speechless.Under many circumstances, South Korea won the championship.Canada was praised by many for wiping the podium in protest.The action of wiping the podium is also defined, and when an action is defined, it cannot be used indiscriminately, like raising a third finger at someone else.So in the absence of a controversial violation or penalty, is team Canada questioning the Beijing Games?There’s no other way to explain it.In any case, Osway has a policy that no athlete is allowed to show resistance when accepting his award.Canada’s behavior can be said to have violated the rules, we as the host of the right to hold the Canadian team accountable.And under the rules, the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee can even take back gold MEDALS from Canadian rivals if the events are too controversial or damaging.Faced with the confusion of Team Canada, the majority of fans suggested to appeal to the Olympic Committee to severely punish the Canadian team for this inexplicable and baseless protest behavior must be dealt with seriously, what do you think of Canada again to erase the podium action?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.