Better give up an inch of gold than an inch of land!Wang Xiaomiao village “awakens” sleeping wasteland

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Words with the spring breeze breeze, jiangnan in turn into the spring ploughing season.Look, the ploughshare turns over the soil that sleeps all winter;Behold, the seed is sown in the rows of hope.The New Year, so from the busy beginning.Spring ploughing is inseparable from the field.To ensure the stability of the Chinese people’s rice bowl, firmly adhere to the red line of 1.8 billion mu of arable land, firmly adhere to the target of 100 million mu of high-standard farmland a year, please start with spring ploughing;Spring ploughing is inseparable from planting.Thousands of hectares of fertile land, good seed is the foundation.Let each mu of farmland are sown with high quality seeds, let the dream of grass under the cool in the sound of seedling jointing come true, let the world granary all store full barn, please start from spring tillage;Spring farming is inseparable from technology.Think that year, “99 plus 19, cattle walk everywhere”, now, soil, fertilizer, water, planting, sowing which kind from open agricultural science and technology?Scientific planning, scientific management, please start from spring ploughing;Spring farming is inseparable from people.To achieve food security, high-quality people are indispensable.The quality and performance of our people will ultimately determine whether we can keep grain output above 500 million metric tons in 2022 and whether we can be impregnable in the defensive battle against food security.Be a good man and start with spring ploughing!A year’s plan begins in spring.With the pace of spring, Guangming Daily reporter into the countryside, set foot on the ridge, reported fighting for food security in the spring ploughing line of people.Starting today, we are launching a column titled “We are in Action during the Spring Ploughing Season” to share what front-line journalists see, hear, think and feel with our readers.Wang Xiaomiao woke up in early spring.A red sun rose, supported by a field of green wheat.Putting on his coat, Liu Ruicai went out.Liu, who is more than 60 years old, has been farming for decades. The first thing he does every day is to go to the fields for a walk.”At present, there is no need to water the soil moisture is very good.In a few days it will be time to turn the soil for spring sowing.”Lao Liu said happily, rubbing some loess with his hand.”Barren houses become fertile fields, and farmers’ hearts are sweet.”Liu Yunrong, secretary of wangxiaomiao village Branch in Zhangwan Township, Dancheng County, Henan Province, took up the story. In the past, there were idle and dilapidated houses and some abandoned homestead sites.There is no light in the old house at night, and weeds grow in the wasteland.Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, Shangxing Town Niumatang village from the former “hollow village” into today’s “punch card”.As the saying goes, “It is better to give up an inch of gold than an inch of land.”The land was barren, and everyone was distressed.”My peasants are most hideously uncultivated, and have even planted crops in front and behind their houses.Every time I saw the abandoned field full of weeds these two years, I felt so painful.”The village held a villagers’ representative meeting: hollow village renovation, demolition debris.No one is afraid to move the old house.Why?The villagers have hard feelings for the old house, even if they do not live, they will not quit easily.Sure enough, in the early days of the platoon encountered trouble.”Hollow village renovation is a good thing, but demolishing my old house is not!”Village cadre went to Liu Ruicai home to run four or five times, is two words: “not open.””I’ll do it first!Liu Yunrong invited the excavator, three five in addition to two dismantled their old houses.Party members demolish first, and the masses have nothing to say.Wangxiaomiao village cleared more than 300 abandoned houses in 10 days, and more than 40 acres of barren land became good farmland.”The old house is actually a dilapidated adobe house with only 60 square meters. It has been 30 years. There are cracks in the corner.Liu Yunrong speaks of this matter, appear some embarrassed.Wang Xiaomiao village, once home to more than 380 people, is a typical “hollow village”, liu said. Most of the young people in the village have gone to work in cities.Before the “hollow Village” renovation, there were only eight families living in the village, most of them old people, living in adobe houses of the 20th century.Many old houses are dilapidated, overgrown with weeds and in danger of collapsing in rainy weather.Led by the party branch, the villagers moved out one after another.Rubble was cleared, irrigation channels built and organic fertilisers developed by provincial experts were used to enhance fertility.”Hollow village” renovation, the villagers living environment greatly improved.”Hollow Village” centralized resettlement area in Beixintun Township, Wanquan District, Zhangjiakou City (uav photo).The bricks and tiles torn down from the old houses in the village were not only not thrown away, but also used by waste, paved into a forest path and built a small garden. The old trees and trees in front and behind the old houses were also retained.”Keep the memory, keep the nostalgia.”The villagers are full of praise.After “hollow village” regulation, villagers’ income also increases greatly.”Two days ago the village held a mass meeting, the village said to continue to develop characteristic planting in our village, to transfer a lot of land.After the transfer of the newly added farmland, we farmers not only have more money, but also can continue to work on the land to earn money, it is good.”Liu Ruicai said.(Wang Shengxi, Dong-A Ilbo reporter, Li Yan) Source: Guangming Daily (February 10, 2022, 1st edition) Photo: Xinhua News Agency