Wu Jingzhong passed yu Zecheng three times, Li Ya puzzled: old agents how can make such a mistake

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In recent years, there are a lot of spy dramas with the background of Anti-Japanese War and KMT civil War, among which there are a lot of very good quality works, which let the audience take delight in talking about, the most typical is the TV series Lurk.In 1945, the war of Resistance against Japan was coming to an end, and the contradictions between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party began to emerge.Yu Zecheng is a juntong agent, after the Communist Party of China, began to lurk in Tianjin, and eventually became tianjin station master, for the Communist Party of China to collect a lot of valuable information of the story.In the play, Wu Jingzhong has three chances to discover the true identity of Yu Zecheng, but he covers it up for Yu Zecheng without trace. Why is this?One, Yu Zecheng and Wu Jingzhong is a mentoring relationship, Yu Zecheng exposed Wu Jingzhong will also be involved.Although the TV series “Lurk” filmed the story of the military spy system in Tianjin station during the kuomintang rule, the human relations in the TV series are almost the same as the nature of the workplace in today’s society.Tianjin station was originally composed of wu Jingzhong, Lu Qiaoshan, Ma Kui and others, each with his own private life.Then when personnel happens to transfer, Wu Jingzhong wants to strengthen his strength all the time, he will inevitably ask to arrange his confidant to become a new member in Tianjin station.He had been Yu zecheng’s teacher, so he knew yu zecheng’s ability and personality, so he asked Yu zecheng to join the Tianjin Station and become his right-hand man.Based on this relationship, Wu Jingzhong is not only Yu Zecheng’s teacher, but also yu Zecheng’s mentor. In the eyes of outsiders, the relationship between them must be extraordinary.Because of the stimulus in Yu Zecheng face exposed crisis, if yu Zecheng was really investigated out of the identity of the underground party, Wu Jingzhong also must be involved, by the superior investigation, even by political enemies, so this is Wu Jingzhong to protect yu Zecheng’s direct cause.Second, Yu Zecheng is a talent, protecting him is equivalent to saving strength for Tianjin Station and oneself.Although wu Jingzhong works in Tianjin Station, there are not many staff members, but they are all people with background and backers, which makes it very difficult for these members to manage, and they may conflict with each other due to different positions or interests.Before Yu zecheng arrived at Tianjin station, Wu jingzhong did not have a very effective confidant, but after Yu Zecheng arrived at Tianjin station, Wu Jingzhong had the confidence to arm with other opponents.Not only that, Yu Zecheng’s business ability is indeed worthy of recognition, eq and IQ are online, enough to become their own arm.If Yu zecheng is removed, it will be difficult to find subordinates who are competent, trustworthy and able to listen to him in a short period of time, and he will be difficult to deal with political opponents.Yu Zecheng was cleaned up, tianjin station and Wu Jingzhong themselves are greater loss.Third, Yu can help him accumulate wealth.Wu Jingzhong as juntong is a very qualified intelligence personnel, even if he has not done basic work directly for many years, has long developed a keen and profound habit of thinking.He is also well-informed after years of ups and downs in official circles.So he has a more holistic and rational view of many things than others.He early saw through the kuomintang high-level use of the supreme power of the country for himself and his family to seek all aspects of the private interests of the real face, but also know that the Kuomintang internal factions, fighting endless, did not put the interests of the country and the people in the heart.So he realized long ago that no matter who was the master of the country, his own interests were most important.For these reasons, Wu jingzhong has been using his position to benefit himself.Before Yu Zecheng arrived at Tianjin station, he did not have his right-hand henchman, so the action of accumulating wealth is not so handy.But When Yu arrived in Tianjin, his plans to rake in the money took on a new dimension.Yu zecheng was skilful and skilful in handling affairs. He could not only help him but also do things beautifully.Yu Zecheng helped him get a lot of property.If Yu zecheng leaves him, there is no better way for him to make money.Therefore even for the sake of monetary interests, Wu Jingzhong also certainly reluctant to leave Yu Zecheng.Fourth, Yu zecheng could be his trump card to avoid being completely liquidated by the COMMUNIST Party.After three times of exposure to the impact of the crisis, Wu Jingzhong will doubt the identity of Yu Zecheng, as long as a little investigation can understand the situation of Yu Zecheng.But Mr Wu does not want to do that, nor does he need to.In addition to the above three points, there is another point, is that Wu Jingzhong thought he let Yu cheng, is sold to the Communist Party a face.In the future, if the Communists defeated the Kuomintang, he might be spared because he had saved Yu’s life.Bottom line: Lurk is a well-made, well-plotted show.The image of the main characters in the play is very vivid, easy to believe that the rationality of the role.Yu Zecheng as the communist Party of China underground latent in the kuomintang military system inside the member, has been keeping his low-key composed style, rigorous work, careful thinking, to the development of the law of the world and things also grasp very in place, work.This kind of person gets the appreciation of boss extremely easily and trust, become the confidant of the other side.As a professional, if you do more than this level of ability and judgment are first-class, there is no need to worry about their own promotion and promotion.