Outrageous!Customer service orders wreaths: the brand apologises and fires its staff

2022-04-25 0 By

On Feb 8, xiaohongshu blogger @goodbye Ah traveler said he had a misunderstanding with the customer service staff at Initial’s Tmall flagship store, who sent him a wreath.After the blogger’s post, the customer was fired by the brand.The customer service called the blogger to communicate with her. At first, the blogger thought it was a fraud and replied, “I don’t care if I made a mistake.”This one can give the wrong impression, but it’s a step too far for customer service to send wreaths directly to the customer.The blogger has more than 7,000 followers on Xiaohongshu, and her tweets have received a lot of attention with 23,000 likes. 88VIP officials have also been in touch with the blogger.Tmall said 88VIP members will be able to encrypt their addresses this year, and Lei hopes the rule will be extended to all users, so that all users can have better privacy protection.After banning alternatives like “one or the other,” platforms will need to offer a better integrated experience if they are to attract more consumers.Nowadays, consumers pay more and more attention to personal privacy security, especially some women who live alone, will pay more attention to their address information security.Which platform can provide better privacy security guarantee will undoubtedly win the favor of more customers.For example, meituan’s delivery boy does not know the user’s exact phone number when making a call. They dial the number through the delivery platform.E-commerce platforms could consider doing the same.This way, customer service won’t have easy access to the user’s phone number and other information, so there won’t be such a curse as sending wreaths.As for address and other information, e-commerce platforms can also achieve better security.For example, platforms can allow users to set their own hidden key characters.Ray personally, ray is not mind provinces and cities information is directly seen by businesses, but hope to hide the town, street, community and other specific information.Business background can set up different levels of account, the main account can see all information, customer service sub-account, customer consent to see detailed address information.In addition, the platform can introduce more severe punishment measures, once such violations are found, more points will be deducted.In this way, shop owners will be more strict with their employees and such incidents will be less likely.