On disbanding the Chinese national football Team

2022-04-25 0 By

China’s national football team lost 3-1 to Vietnam in the 2022 World Cup Asian Zone qualifiers on the first day of the New Year, ending up in the World Cup as expected with no surprise success.It’s easy to figure out, and everyone knows, how much money we’ve spent over the years to feed a soccer team with the name “China.”Where does this money come from? From the state. Where does the state get its money?Isn’t it from the people?But in fact, we have always been aware of the overall situation, if we can indeed see that the people who received the money have treated the people’s expectations and sincerity, can see their growth and achievements even a little bit, we also recognize.We are willing to spend some money and develop a decent team.But, decades on, what do we see?What do you get?What are we putting up with?They’re all jokes. Go search them. You won’t be disappointed.Are you happy to have high office and no sense of shame and do whatever you can to torture people?Why should we put up with it??The funny thing is, every time you fail, you have the audacity to jump out with a clown and make a fake apology. It always works, doesn’t it?Are you planning on doing this again and again forever?You think we’re gonna keep forgiving?What can we do without forgiveness?Who in the world would pay the same amount of money to feed ten thousand circuses to feed one mega-circus that gives us no real joy??Please stop treating us like idiots and insulting our intelligence…The national football team, patting the heart to ask themselves, those various links of the sky-high cost, those armed to the teeth of the nanny housekeeper super luxury line up of all-weather service, you also match?You are the world’s super champions and teams in terms of living expenses, but your actual level, your actual results in training and competition are the lowest and lowest in the world. Don’t you really feel ashamed?Your faces are the size of a main court.Maybe you can smell it for too long and enjoy it.However, you can not disgusting all the people to their nausea for so long, vomits out several generations of blood and youth, vomits out all the hope and patience, in this special festival, still do not let them go.This is it, and the way you behave, you will never be able to pay back the money you’ve squandered.All I want now is never to see you again, ever!!