How about spending the New Year there?

2022-04-25 0 By

Spring Festival in Sanya, quiet but a little lonely, especially a person in Sanya, a person to prepare the Spring Festival goods, dumplings, watching the Spring Festival Gala, paste couplets, a person to watch the sea and listen to the waves, playing in the water, cloud travel in hainan:Do high-speed rail around the island, climb Wuzhi Mountain and Jiantou Mountain, visit Boao conference hall and the Red Detachment of Women Memorial Park, see cocoa in the botanical garden, visit the crater, observe the volcanic rock coast and longmen waves, taste the ancient Salt field baked chicken, visit Dongpo Academy and Wuhou Temple….It was not pleasant, but it was lonely, homesick and old, like a wandering cloud or a wandering crane.Hometown New Year lively and not quiet, come and go before the festival relatives visit each other, in the days before the reform and opening up had been banned, break old customs, but must be folk custom, return to the traditional culture, after the rich China more traditional, worship ancestors, New Year drink, drink New Year.Of course, there is the lethargy of drinking too much, the utter carelessness after drinking, and the embarrassing gaffes after drinking, which are also really involved in people’s energy and time, harmful to health.During the Spring Festival in Sanya, I miss my home, and I miss Sanya during the Spring Festival at home. At this time, I am not as worried as fan Zhongyan’s “Yueyang Lou Ji” in the description: “Living in the high temple is worried about its people, and far away in the river’s lake is worried about its king.Is into also worry, back also worry.But when?It will say: “the first world of sorrow and sorrow, after the world of joy and joy”!?