3 must-see Reasons for Korean drama ChimeraA well-structured murder case with an emotionally moving script

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It’s impossible to tell what chimera is good for without thunder. Here are three must-see reasons: the first two will gently reveal thunder, and the last one will affect the key to solving the case.The success of the first half of Chimera is not the romantic connection between cha Jae-hwan (Park Hae-soo) and Eugene Hathaway (Soo-Hyun).Instead, the “national identity” between lee Jong-eop, a suspect played by Lee Hee-jun, and Eugene Hathaway, both koreans who returned to Korea, sparks.The girl came to The United States when she was a child, while the boy came to the United Kingdom. The former felt that it was not important to pursue the past, while the latter seemed to be a winner in life, rich in money and a doctor, but he could not put down the important “truth” before he was adopted.The first confrontation between Eugene Hathaway and Lee jong-yip in the interrogation room is already tense, and there are other characters throughout the play that keep the main characters wondering whether we need to go back to the past.There is no right answer, it depends on each person’s so-called choice.If you watch Chimera, you’ll know that some people can be at peace by letting go, but some people can’t be happy just by living.Another attraction is the brotherly love between cha Jae-hwan and Lee Jong-eop (laughs).Many people laugh and say that the love line of this drama may be a male line. Seriously speaking, it is also a part of exploring the inner self of returnees.Neither Lee nor Hathaway had a “local friend”, and Cha jae-hwan was just the person to fill the gap.I especially like the process in which the three characters rely on each other through observation and experience, rather than trusting each other from the beginning.Chimera takes a no-character approach, throwing each character into the investigation, but all they get is pieces of the puzzle.As a result, the first four episodes are slow, even making the police feel a little stupid.But when we get to the middle, we start to itch to know who the prisoner is, and the tension and flow of the story are enhanced by the editing and transitions.The audience seems to be handling the case together with the protagonists, and there is no so-called “super-large reversal” from beginning to end, but it tells you the reasonable inference and development from beginning to end.”It’s hard to accept, but what if this is the truth?” Hathaway tells cha Jae-hwan in the show.As well as Li Zhongye chase after a lifetime doubt of injustice, but also lost their original thought did not, but too late to have the family.It’s all like a poison that slowly seeps in, and quietly prompts you to ask yourself after the show is over: Would I be willing to trade my life for the truth?That’s a tough decision to make in the real world!No one wins. The ending of Chimera was a tragedy for me, but it was written so deeply that it is hard to find a precedent in Korean dramas.Finally all together to solve the case, the narrator also revealed the original in Greek mythology records “Chimera” such a monster, in fact, is the female “female goat” incarnation, if at the beginning of the break this terrier, it is 1984 murderer, or the true face of the second generation of Chimera will be very easy to guess.”It has the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a boa constrictor.”To describe Chimera as a monster, which is a very clever design.When we know the car in hwan’s mother car eun show, in fact, is the year of Liu Chengxi, but also the first generation of chimera, with the son of the car in hwan, including the audience are very shocked, so the reversal of the big but reasonable way, can be said to be the first reasoning play.Eventually because of trace limitation is over, “the second generation of chimei pull” and not seong-hie ryu revealed the identity, but spared her from the pressure of public opinion, perhaps because the car in haun as police moved her pay, perhaps, she already know the reason why the key is not in the killer, but rather pedantic bureaucratic businessman with murder.Script let Liu Chengxi live with the identity of the car grace show, and son car in huan snuggle, but in her heart has receded disguised as the car grace show identity, “back to the boy” back to the mind of Liu Chengxi.Hook her son, in fact, her heart is their own love but the object of the wicked;Instead of losing his mother and comforting her, a son can only swallow the bitter facts of his past and listen to his mother’s heart cry out the name of the man who caused these tragedies again and again.For cha Jae-hwan, the police officer who solved the case, it should have been a cause for celebration.For Mr. Lee, the truth should have been found, and he should have been ecstatic.For lawyers, when justice is done, it’s about raising your hands and Shouting.For the media, finding out who did this is a lesson to the wicked and should be a triumph, but a disappointment to those who love themselves selflessly.No one wins the seemingly inevitable outcome.The word “love” is a very old meme, but it can express the power of love in a police drama with no love line at all. Chimera is a classic film that will be very straight into the trap in 2021 even if it does not have bright ratings and promotional power.Ryu told the second generation of Chimera that she did not continue her revenge “because someone told her to stop”, and that reason is “love”.For Yoo sung-hee, he has han Joo-seok (Played by Kang Shin-il), who takes care of him.But for the second generation of Chimera, she is stubborn all the way forward, choose to say goodbye to their family, this difficult to forget regret and contrast, is also the most of the play.If the 99 points of “Chimera” are serious, it is probably because cha was reckless at the scene of the crime in the early days of hwan. When han Joo-seok, the team leader, asked cha not to run forward, he also foolily let the ignition mechanism start, which is not in line with the professional image of the police.But the old saying, still does not hinder the play’s classic status.