Xinxiang Gerontology society literature travel workstation in Huixian City Taihang wood porcelain base held a listing ceremony

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In the morning of February 11, 2022, under the leadership of Chairman Chen Daokuan and Vice Chairman Hu Jiebing, the cultural and Education Committee and Tourism Committee of Xinxiang Gerontology Society, will help the rural revitalization and the development of culture and tourism industry in Huixian City.A group of more than 10 people to Hui county “Taihang wood porcelain” research and development production base held xinxiang Gerontology Society Culture and education professional Committee, tourism professional committee workstation listing ceremony.The leaders and guests attending are:Xinxiang gerontology association Chen Daokuan, executive director of Hu Xiebing, director zhang to the army, culture education Li Yuxiang, deputy director of the professional committee of the secretary-general Wei Yucheng, tourism ShangTao, director of the professional committee, the taihang wood porcelain the genetic carrier, and tourism professional committee secretary-general RuanWen, huixian small poplar plantation general manager yuan guangli, charm managing editor of henan meng qh, etc.Ruan Wen, non-hereditary inheritor of Taihang firewood porcelain, is introducing the development and production of Taihang firewood porcelain for guests.Chen Daokuan, president of xinxiang Gerontology Society, and Hu Jiebing, executive president of xinxiang Gerontology Society, visited Huixian Taihang wood porcelain production base and Huixian Small Poplar farm.Hui county small poplar farm general manager Yuan Guangli introduced the park to the guests.If you have any suggestions about this article or our work, feel free to comment below.Welcome to contribute, forward and like.Your support is our motivation to move forward!