The hometown of the little giant Yao Ming is not only the thousand-year-old ancient town south of the Yangtze River, but also known as the hometown of Silk in China

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Yao Ming is called the first Asian basketball player and the strongest player in the entire Asian history to enter the NBA, attracting millions of fans at home and abroad.But you know what?His hometown is in this small town in Jiangsu Province, which is not only an ancient town of 1,000 years south of the Yangtze River, but also known as the hometown of Silk in China.It is zhenze Ancient Town.Zhenze ancient town, located in the southwest of Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, is neighboring to Zhejiang Province. It was called “Wutou Yuewei” in ancient times and is the “west gate” of Wujiang.Because of the convenient geographical location, the production of silk exported to foreign countries, reputation, known as the hometown of Silk in China.It is a famous town in the South of the Yangtze River with a long history. It is also a national 4A level scenic spot and was listed as a national provincial key protected historic site in 2001.The ancient town has a long history of more than 2000 years.In ancient times, here was a lagoon shallow bay, later changed the land, sediment accumulation.The ancestors opened up and gathered into villages.In the Tang Kaiyuan period, the governor Zhang Jingzun set up in this zhenze museum, zhenze this name appeared in the annals of history.After more than 2000 years of vicissitudes, Zhenze ancient town has developed into its present appearance, which not only retains its ancient flavor, but also integrates modern elements.Here beautiful landscape, elegant scenery, a school of “small bridge flowing water family” leisurely scenery.The winding path in the town leads to you, and ditang River runs through the town. Tourists can walk in leisure and see the ancient Bridges, pagodas and temples on both sides of the town.There are eight scenic spots in the town, such as Setting sunset clouds, flying pavilion sails, ancient taoyuan, Hongqiao Xiao Overlook, Zhangdun nostalgic, Puji Bell, Kangzhuang villa, Fan Li fishing platform, etc. The historical stories behind the blessing, make this ancient town more mysterious and moving.There are many places of interest in the town, such as Shijian Hall.This building is facing south, facing water on three sides, simple and elegant and solemn, is a typical jiangnan big house.It was built by the Xu family, one of the “four great families” in Zhenze, on a grand scale and with exquisite workmanship, but it was given the name of “Teacher and Thrift”, implying advocating thrift.There is ciyun Temple pagoda, is a nearly two thousand years of history of the ancient pagoda, lofty spectacular.Wenchang Pavilion, pagoda street and other scenic spots are unique.After thousands of years, the old prosperous town no longer exists, replaced by more rich life atmosphere and profound cultural accumulation.Although times have changed, it is surprising that there is no excessive development here, so far still maintain the simple and simple folk customs.For example, shuangyang Temple Fair, which is an inter-provincial and inter-county water pageant, is held once every ten years.There is also a teahouse morning party. Teahouses routinely make yuanbao tea from the first to the third day of the Lunar New Year. That is to say, two fresh olives are placed on the lid of the teapot, which symbolizes yuanbao.Old tea drinkers have to pay a small amount to reward the waiter for serving them all year.(The picture in the article comes from Ctrip signed traveler @Meomarui)