【 Safe trip to celebrate the Spring Festival 】 responsible for life, please fasten your seat belt before driving!

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What is the difference in the outcome of an accident between a driver wearing a seat belt and someone not wearing one?☞ On October 11, 2018, an accident occurred near shuangcai exit of Shangsan Expressway in Zhejiang province. The driver bent his head and grabbed his phone, and the vehicle lost control and slammed into the isolation barrier.At the moment of the collision, the rear passenger was thrown out of the window without wearing a seat belt and fell off the bridge. He died on the spot, while the driver and the passenger wearing a seat belt were only slightly injured.Graph:Vehicles out of control slammed into isolation guardrail ☞ turn 720 °, driving personnel no matter for wearing the belt on August 30, 2019, zhejiang jinhua niansanli toll station, driving a car before entering the channel, a head hit the police at the entrance, after hitting the isolation pile, car body sideways shortly after a 720 °, the last card in the charging channels.All three people in the car were wearing seat belts at the time of the accident and were not seriously injured.This is a stark reminder that wearing a seat belt properly can protect drivers and passengers in the event of an accident.▌ This is confirmed by the following survey data: safety belts reduce the death rate of drivers and passengers in front, side and roll crashes.According to the Sampling statistics of CIDAS working Group, in 542 head-on collisions involving passenger vehicles, seat belts reduced the probability of death by 71%.In 487 side-impact crashes involving passenger vehicles, seat belts reduced the probability of death by 67 percent;In 114 passenger vehicle rollover accidents, seat belts reduced the probability of death by 78 percent.☞ Fasten your seat belt to avoid the injury caused by the ejection of the airbag.When the vehicle comes to a halt in a collision, the seat belt can firmly fix the driver and passenger in the seat and will not rush forward because of inertia;At the same time, because of the fixed role of the seat belt, the front-seat driver and passenger can avoid the frontal impact of the airbag initiation.If you don’t wear a seat belt, airbags can be a killer.Airbags provide the most protection when combined with seat belts.Image: Explosive airbag Material source: Yiya Studio