Fake news?Many express delivery companies issued a notice, these 5 places really to stop

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According to the State Post Bureau (SPB), a total of 660 million parcels were received and delivered during the Spring Festival last year, the first year for the industry to open its doors during the holiday, up 260 percent over the same period.Although the previous delivery companies have promised that the Spring Festival “express delivery not closed” at the same time, service will not discount.However, from the actual situation, the express delivery during the Spring Festival does have problems such as slow aging and insufficient personnel.So, the Internet spread out of the express is not false news?In fact, a number of express delivery companies have already issued a notice, made it clear that they will take the same approach as last year.But these five regions do have to stop, so where are these five places?What are the problems existing in the service process of China’s express industry?The online news that express delivery services will be closed during the Spring Festival in 2022 is basically false news, as several express delivery companies have made it clear that express delivery services will not be closed during the Spring Festival in 2022 to meet consumers’ demand for parcels.For example, deppon Express announced on December 14 last year that it would not stop the Spring Festival and would provide services to merchants and customers at a normal speed.Since then, JD Express, ZTO, Yunda, SHentong and Jiutu Express have also announced that they will not close for the Spring Festival in 2022.However, it is worth noting that Zto express has made it clear that deliveries in Five regions — Xizang, Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai and Yunnan — will be suspended from the 28th day of the 12th lunar month.At the same time, many express delivery companies also made it clear that although express delivery will not close during the Spring Festival, they will suspend delivery in some high-risk areas according to the actual situation of the epidemic.In fact, the 2022 Spring Festival will be the second year that the express delivery industry has implemented Spring Festival closing.Last year, the express delivery industry implemented the policy, which led to an increase in parcel volume throughout the Spring Festival.But it has been accompanied by increasing problems and declining customer service.First, late delivery is common. Mr. Wang from Hefei, Anhui province, said that during the Spring Festival last year, the timeliness of express delivery was at least two days slower than usual.For express delivery why slow, Mr Wang has also called the official customer service.Customer service said that because the Courier in charge of his area went home for the Spring Festival, he would give priority to Mr. Wang’s delivery after the Spring Festival holiday.In fact, Mr. Wang reflected that the Spring Festival is slow, not timely delivery of the problem is not an individual case, but in many parts of the country are widespread.Second, there is a shortage of staff at the outlets. Since last year was the first year for the implementation of open express delivery during the Spring Festival, many express delivery companies were unable to make a correct estimate of the number of express packages.As a result, the number of people on duty during the Spring Festival was relatively small, which led to the delayed delivery of express delivery.For this year’s Express industry Spring Festival does not close, many express companies have made it clear that on the basis of the experience accumulated in the first year.Systematic optimization will be carried out to improve the quality of customer service in an all-round way.But we said, in order to make this policy well implemented, franchise outlets for Courier delivery fees, holiday red envelopes must also be put in place.Only in this way can they have the motivation to continue to deliver, because the number of express deliveries during the Spring Festival itself is much lower than the normal day.If the welfare of these delivery boys is not in place, it is bound to cause a lot of dissatisfaction with them.However, we said that the express industry is still relatively more problems, the existence of these problems restrict the development of the whole industry.In recent years, China’s express delivery industry has developed rapidly, but with the rapid development of the industry, the service quality of the industry has declined, and the phenomenon of express delivery enterprises infringing the rights and interests of consumers occurs from time to time.The rapid development on the surface can not cover up some stubborn problems in the industry that are difficult to solve by themselves, and the formation of the sustainable development ability of the market is restricted.First, the excessive turnover of employees leads to the slow improvement of the comprehensive quality of employees, and it is a long way to establish the positive image of the industry as a whole.At present, express delivery owners in China need to rely on human resources to carry out production and operation activities, and the quality of employees is the core competitiveness of enterprises.However, at present, most enterprises focus on market competition and invest little in employee welfare and corporate culture construction. The construction of corporate culture is generally based on eating and dining together, with a single form.These reasons lead to weak cohesion between employees and the enterprise, frequent turnover of employees, and slow improvement of employees’ comprehensive abilities such as service ability, service mentality and sense of responsibility.Finally, the overall image of the express industry has been stuck in the level of “dirty, messy and poor” and “two people in a car”.Second, the development of enterprises lacks modern financial support.In the process of the rapid development of China’s express market, although the overall level of managers needs to be improved, there are still some managers with modern management consciousness who have ideas and aspirations and want to promote the development of enterprises to a higher level.However, due to the low entry threshold of the express market, these enterprises still lack enough capital to invest in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises until today.In this context, China’s express market needs the support of modern financial industry such as banking industry, but the current loan policy requires fixed assets and other collateral, and express companies generally lack fixed assets with high collateral value.The industry can not get sufficient financial support, which restricts the sustainable development of the industry.Third, compensation for loss and damage of express mail.In recent years, the problem of loss and damage of express goods has become the primary problem for express consumers to appeal to the Postal administration, and it is the most difficult to protect their rights.For most express consumers, due to the lack of understanding of the insurance mechanism in the mailing link, the existence of proxy in the signing link and other reasons, the responsible person is not clear, and the unit price of most lost or damaged express goods is high, so it is difficult to reach the same compensation amount with the enterprise.Under such circumstances, most express delivery companies only compensate consumers 3-9 times the postage on the grounds of compensation according to the express waybill format contract, which is far lower than the actual value of express delivery, bringing economic losses and mental infringement to the majority of express consumers.This problem not only becomes an important hidden danger of sustainable development of the industry, but also hinders the development of the whole industry.Conclusion: From the above analysis, the express delivery industry will still adopt the way of open delivery during the Spring Festival this year.And on the basis of last year’s experience, the service quality of the express industry will also be improved this year.However, we say that if the express industry wants to achieve long-term development, it must constantly improve the existing problems such as compensation for loss and damage of express goods and employee turnover, so as to promote the rapid development of the industry.Finally, I would like to ask you, you do not close during the Spring Festival express how to view?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.