Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Please don’t stand so close to me

2022-04-24 0 By

“Xi Jinping in Zhejiang” all say that “distance makes beauty” in the process of driving is the same reason, once too close to the car, accidents are easy to happen…Recently, Jinyun County public Security Bureau traffic police brigade New blue squadron received an accident alarm, in 330 national road a two-car rear-end traffic accident.After receiving the alarm, the police on duty rushed to the scene of the accident.I saw a white car with a large dent in the hood and a light truck parked in front. Fortunately, both drivers wore seat belts and no one was injured.Around 4:00 PM on the day of the incident, the light of the tailgate truck to the road, the driver’s sudden illness, want to slow to pull over, but behind the white car didn’t notice this, and the collision of the light bar plate truck push forward nearly 1 meter far, when the accident happened, in the green belts of installation workers are frightened back a big step.White Bridge took full responsibility for the accident.According to the driver of the white car, he did not pay attention to the car in front of him, did not control the speed and did not keep a safe distance from the car in front of him, which caused the accident.Police remind: during the Spring Festival traffic flow, coupled with the cold weather, rainy weather is very prone to traffic accidents, do not speeding or blocking, and the car in front of a safe distance, to avoid all kinds of traffic accidents.The reviewer 丨 FanYiFei make proofreading 丨 Ma Shufei tong – member | Wang Fan force sources 丨 traffic police brigade