“The origin of the Westward Journey” hotspot, in addition to Uncle, the 4 beauty, all are not general

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In 2014, Zunbao in order to save the beloved people, countless times with the moonlight box to turn back the clock;In order to save zixia fairy, supreme treasure had to wear a magic spell, pick up the staff, become Sun Wukong;In 2022, Zixia fairy and Zhi Zunbao meet again, this time, I light the lamp, iii bond.The release of the new film, A Chinese Odyssey, has brought back many people’s memories.Zixia fairy has been waiting for the person who “walks on purple auspicious clouds”, but the “dog” in the mouth of Zhi Zunbao has become herself.All these can only say “fate lane people, predestined relationship without points”.In order to find out why Zhi Zunbao and Zixia fairy were fated to each other, the film A Chinese Odyssey tells the story of their feud.Without chu’s family performance, let “A Chinese Odyssey” less flavor.But after watching “origin” this film, personal feeling, the film in the hotspot or there are a lot of.The first is the appearance of Teacher Wu Mengda, although Darius is not much in the film, only a cameo, but he still played the character image of that year.The moment I saw Duncle, THE whole person really couldn’t stand it. Now the second master is no longer, and this work will be duncle’s last work.Just like the netizens said, the three words “Wu Mengda” alone make the film a lot of sublimation.Apart from Darius, the film must have put a lot of effort into the casting, especially the four actresses in the film, each more beautiful than the last, but also different.In this film, the actress who plays the role of the zixia fairy is named Ma Rui.Maybe many people are not familiar with her, but she is really excellent.Ma Rui, whose real name is Ma Chunrui, had made good achievements in the modeling industry.After graduating from the Shanghai Theatre Academy and entering the show business, modeling became her sideline.Although it seems that Mary is not famous, she has also shot a lot of works.For example: “Smile is beautiful”, “Legend of Jade Circle”, “Drunk Linglong” and so on, but she acted in the work, did not make her famous.Now it has gained attention in the film The Origin of A Chinese Odyssey.Mary played “Zixia fairy” pure lovely beautiful, not a bit worse than Chu Yin.Especially the moment when she looked at The supreme Treasure and cried, it really touched the heartstrings of countless people.In the original version of A Chinese Odyssey, Both Purple Xia and Green Xia were played by Zhu Yin.But in this film, Two people play Qing Xia and Zi Xia, Ma Rui and Bi Xue.In fact, I do not know much about Bi Xue, an actress. Maybe because she is not famous, few people pay attention to her.However bi Xue’s appearance level is indeed very high, the figure is also good.2018 official debut, and graduated from The Beijing Film Academy, no problem.And in “The Origin of a Chinese Odyssey”, Bi Xue’s acting is also commendable, she put the “green xia fairy” strong outside soft inside the characteristics of the interpretation is very in place.And her scenes with Zixia fairy are also very wonderful, can be said to be completely beyond the audience’s expectations.”Fairy rong Rong rong” Yang Kaidi in addition to the above two beautiful heroine, in the film can be described as beauty like clouds.Among them “the demon rong Rong” actor Yang Kaidi, very conspicuous.Yang kaidi is a veteran actress in the film and television industry, and she has worked with many film and television stars.For example: Song Dandan, Huang Bo, Huang Xiaoming, Zhou Xun and so on.Unfortunately, all these years have not made her popular.It’s a shame she’s 170 tall, with those long, skinny legs.Now, she is drawing attention for her physique and acting skills in “The Origin of A Chinese Odyssey.”Personally, I don’t think such actors should be overlooked.I hope she can bring us better works in the future.”Inn belle” zou Haimei besides Yang Kaidi, another in film “little demon” also be conspicuous all the more.She is “inn beauty” Zou Haimei.As a newcomer, few people know her.However no matter appearance level and figure, Zou Haimei can not be underestimated.I’m a newcomer, but my acting is still online.The “fairy” body of the kind of charm and sexy, play very in place.Personally, I feel good about this girl. She’s going places. She’s going places.To be honest, the Origin of a Chinese Odyssey is a little different from Stephen Chow’s version, but overall, it’s good.Whether the plot design, or the setting of the characters, are quite complete.The main thing is that some scenes in the film are well restored, especially the theme song “Love of life” and the end song “Pray for fate” interplay, really a kind of feeling back to the past.Generally speaking, the Origin of a Chinese Odyssey is a good work in the context of network films.