Evasive (short story)

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Soon after the completion of a 5, 000-meter-long slow road around the city, people began to walk in twos and threes.This is not, usually too lazy to walk zhiyuan just came out of the hotel, set up on the way to meet friends and acquaintances invited, also joined the walking leisure crowd.I saw him paunch, with big steps, all the way pointing and pulling his throat joking, attracting passers-by have side-eyed.Gen just hold a long iron tongs in his right hand, left hand can move up and down the iron dustpan, a pair of eyes at the foot of passers-by, search.A cigarette butt, a piece of waste paper, a dead leaf, a spittoon…He would quickly go and clean it up.Gen twisted his neck and straightened his waist. In the occasional break of relaxation, he would glance at the people leisurely passing by, his eyes full of envy. How he hoped that one day he could be like them, put down his bowls and chopsticks after eating, and walk easily on the smooth and comfortable slow road.One fate makes another!Sigh, the root is very content, very cherish and very grateful, it is not easy to ask a familiar person to find a relationship to put on the yellow sanitation suit.Sanitation said, six in the morning to eight in the evening, can not leave people, must always keep the responsible road clean and tidy, once the inspection found problems, light will be deducted wages, serious immediately dismissed.Isn’t that root talent?Root is zhiyuan’s high school classmate. I haven’t seen him for 30 years, but he is only 1.5 meters short and used to shrug his shoulders and shrink his neck. He still spotted him at a glance from the crowd.During the three years of high school, Zhiyuan became very close with Gen CAI. Especially in the year of senior three, Zhiyuan’s math scores were greatly improved, largely due to gen CAI’s patient guidance.Later the college entrance examination root just difference three points failed, because the home has no money for him to read again, but had to join the army to repair the earth.Zhiyuan took the provincial capital of a secondary school, from then on no root just news.Zhiyuan stood in squinty, hesitated for ten seconds, turned around and ran away like escape.Luckily root didn’t recognize himself!Go far zhiyuan, found the palm of the wet.Almost at the same time, gen CAI, with his head buried in cleaning garbage, was suddenly attracted by a burst of familiar eloquence. He looked up, and a middle-aged man with a briefcase under his arm came into sight — wasn’t this old classmate Zhiyuan?Zhiyuan speak has a significant feature, voice like a megaphone, speak with the thunder like, all the way to shake people’s ears buzzing, 50 or 60 meters away are clearly heard clearly.Zhiyuan also made a joke for this, once he whispered with his classmates outside the classroom, so that the teacher in charge and the classmates ran out to break up the fight.Since the college entrance examination failed to return to the countryside, the root heard that Zhiyuan after graduating from technical secondary school into the organ, and then heard that the root when the head of the unit……The world is big or small, but I can’t think of my old classmate who I haven’t seen for many years.Zhiyuan hesitated to stop the moment, just by the root to scan into the eye, the root almost indulged feelings flooded bear hug old classmates.Look at his dusty face, the root of the brain immediately wake up, he shook his head with a wry smile to comfort himself, fortunately zhiyuan did not find himself!The next day, Gen volunteered to clean up at the market, far away from the slow road.Zhiyuan then walk on the slow road, deliberately avoid the root responsible for the clean section.Author: Yang Xiujian